Shoppers want better checkout experiences

here’s how you can create it with SWIFT

Place Items on Counter

After selecting their products, shoppers start their checkout journey by placing their items on the counter of the SWIFT machine.

View Items on the Kiosk

SWIFT's advanced models can quickly identify products and
display them on the adjacent kiosk for shoppers to review.

Tap to Pay

Shoppers can complete their transactions seamlessly
via credit card or phone.

Item Verification
0 ms
Accuracy Rate
0 %
Transaction per minute
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Subscription Benefits

Product Updates

SWIFT offers both advanced software and robust hardware in the subscription, with regular updates to ensure constant peak performance.

Unlimited Integrations

SWIFT seamlessly integrates with any existing POS systems or software you use, maintaining operational continuity and flexibility.

Data Analytics

Gain access to real-time analytics through SWIFT, providing valuable insights into customer behaviors and sales trends to inform business decisions.

Staff Training

Our subscription includes comprehensive training for your staff by our experts, ensuring quick adaptability and proficiency with SWIFT.

Quick ROI in less than 2 months


Once SWIFT is placed in a store, customers can use the product for a seamless checkout experience. All they need to do is simply place their items on the SWIFT’s base and pay with their card. The product’s computer vision technology is highly advanced and can accurately detect any object and retrieve the right information on its price. SWIFT’s cameras capture comprehensive information on the visual appearance of items, including their color, shape, and size. This approach makes it possible to identify all the items in your store with high accuracy.
To get your SWIFT kiosk up and running, you will need power outlets and an ethernet network connection. The recommended countertop footprint for each kiosk is 40″ x 30″ to ensure maximum efficiency.
SWIFT is specifically created for fast-paced transactions, prioritizing speed and accuracy above all else. This product can process up to 10 items at once, ensuring a smooth and efficient store checkout process.
Our all-in-one solution, including proprietary software and AI cameras, can be set up easily without requiring store renovations or operational overhauls. It will be delivered to you, allowing for immediate implementation.