Revolutionizing Retail with Cutting-Edge Technology is on a mission to transform the shoppers’ experiences in the offline world. We are dedicated to reshaping the grocery retail industry by crafting solutions tailored to the real needs of convenience retailers. These solutions make for a more efficient, enjoyable, and seamless journey for both consumers and retailers.
The Story of


We launched a next-generation POS to enable traditional merchants to compete equally in an evolving digital world. We raise a Seed funding round to reach a broader base of merchants.


Our POS reaches 20K+ merchants across seven countries. We raise a pre-Series A funding round to grow our lines of products in retail.


Dukkantek becomes DTEK, launching SWIFT – an automated checkout powered by computer vision designed to help enterprise retailers.


As retailers are enthusiastically adopting SWIFT, we’re actively scaling it globally while also advancing the development of new products.

Our Investors