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Innovative Solutions Empowering Businesses and Enhancing Customer Experiences.


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The Future we

want toCreate is

Empowering Digital Transformation

We envision a future where retailers can harness the power of technology to drive their digital transformation journey. By providing innovative solutions and expertise, we empower retailers to adapt, evolve, and thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Enriching Customer Experiences
Leveraging advanced technologies and insights, we enhance customer interactions, personalize engagements, and elevate overall satisfaction, enabling businesses to forge stronger connections and thrive in the evolving retail landscape.
Our Journey

We launch a next generation POS to enable traditional merchants to compete equally in an evolving digital world.

We raise a Seed funding round to reach a broader base of merchants.


Our POS reaches 20K+ merchants across seven countries.

We raise a pre-Series A funding round to grow our lines of products in retail.


Dukkantek becomes DTEK, launching SWIFT - an automated checkout powered by computer vision.

20M+ USD

Raised to date